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Suit.ski is a Ukrainian brand of women’s winter suits and separate suits, own production.

Our suits are perfect for snowboarding, downhill skiing,
and outdoor activities. The anatomic cut makes you feel comfortable both while skiing and hiking.
Also, our suits are convenient and comfortable for everyday wear for walks with the dog, for mommy walks with the stroller, and just as a stylish look for the cold season.



Wide fur collar
Belt with metal buckle
Storage pouch
Packaging box.

  • Mittens with fur to match the overalls
  • Handbag with fur to match the overalls
  • Cap with earflaps and fur
  • Premium real fur (1.5 times more fluffy and richer than the standard one)
  • Zippered hood, detachable
  • Buttoned, detachable fur collar
  • Pants open at the bottom to put on overalls for ski boots or boots.
  • Thick, wide sleeve cuffs protect your arms from snow, water, and wind
  • A waist belt in the same color as the overall emphasizes the waist
  • Additional inner bar that protects the body from the entry of wind or water through the zippers


We ship our goods all over the world (except Russia). 🌎

Delivery is made directly from our production in Ukraine or from our warehouse in Poland.
Delivery time from 4 to 12 working days.


We are confident in the quality of our products.

All of our products can be returned for any reason.
We offer a 21-day extended warranty for exchanges or returns.

Each jumpsuit has four pockets:

  • one inside breast pocket for phone, money, and other small items;
  • one in the left sleeve for ski pass or payment cards;
  • two side pockets on the hips.

Sturdy zippers in the color of the overalls, withstands 1000+ unzipping-zipping.

The fur collar is the main advantage of suit suits and overalls – it is very wide, fluffy, and looks very rich (fur width 16-20 cm)!

The lining fabric is the heat-saving “Omni heat” lining, which
The lining is the “Omni heat” thermal lining used for Columbia jackets.
The lining is not the least important in overalls. Lining
The liner fabric attracts attention with its bright appearance and durable structure,
It is a light and thin fabric made of nylon with a shiny
sprayed on the front side, is strong enough, breathable, and will keep you warm and does not sweat.

  • Restores shape. Quickly restores shape under repeated compression.
  • Excellent thermal insulation. Keeps warmth up to – 30 ° C in wind speeds up to 15 m / s.
  • Eco-friendliness. The material is made from raw materials, not of animal origin. It is safe for the environment.
  • Super-volume. Creates super volume, and is not lost even with prolonged use.
  • Withstands wet-heat treatment. With the right mode of washing, drying, and ironing Synthetic down has the ability to retain all the original properties.
  • Air circulation. The ability to circulate air helps maintain a comfortable microclimate in synthetic down products.

Eco foam insulation (for freezing temperatures up to 30 degrees)

The modern equivalent of natural down. Due to its high thermal resistance and optimal air permeability, this insulation material has become one of the leaders in the segment of high-quality model clothing. Today this is one of the few insulators, which can withstand the wet-heat treatment without significant deformation of the insulation.

The suit.ski jumpsuit is an anatomic cut jumpsuit; made of modern

modern high-tech fabrics, production in Korea, and Italy.

The fabric is windproof, waterproof, and water-resistant, and simultaneously has the ability to Exhaust body vapor.

The fabric is strong, dense, and fall-resistant.

Standard size line includes 3 standard sizes (159-164, 165-170, 171-176) and 6 sizes (40-50).

Individual tailoring to the measurements for figures who do not fit the standard sizes or height – sizes 52-66, 180+.

Also sew children’s sizes from 1 year to 156 size, separately or as a set with Adult Family look.

Sports&Fun line: Lemon, Marsala, Pudra, Milk, Black mat, Red, Carrot, Flowers, White, Green, Crimson, Blue, Dark blue, Electric, Coral neon (Lemon, Marsal, Pudra, Milk, Black mat, Red, Flowers,

White, Green, Raspberry, Blue, Dark blue, Electric, Coral neon)

Disco line: Marsal Nylon, Eggplant Nylon, Green Nylon, Black Lacquer, Red Lacquer, Powder Metallic, Silver, Gold, Metallic, Steel, Hologram, Lemon Disco, Pudra Disco, Blue Disco.

Exclusive line: Reflective, Blue Lace, Pudra Lace, Rainbow (Reflective, Blue Lace, Pudra Lace, Rainbow)

Or any other color/shade or custom print is also available.

Extended warranty 21 days – exchange/return for any reason!

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